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Genuine Indian Chai Masala with 100% Natural ingredients


Quick and Easy Preparation


  • ORIGINALLY INDIAN TEA SPICE: You get premium quality chai masala spices that are grown, processed, packed, then served to you directly from India. We want you to enjoy fresh, invigorating tea as it's supposed to be.
  • THE PERFECT CUP OF BLACK TEA: Sometimes, a plain cup of tea can feel quite bland. However, adding a pinch of this chai masala could turn that plain cup of tea into a sensational one that will awaken your senses and get you ready to take on the day.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our chai masala is a sweetly balanced blend of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and fennel seeds made to add wonderful aroma and flavor to your cup of tea. Absolutely zero colors or preservatives!


Delicious and Aromatic Masala Chai


If you are looking to kick off your morning with a cup of savory masala tea, here is the perfect blend of tea spices made to give you a pleasantly scented and flavorful cup of tea every time you feel like having one. 


 Made from all-natural ingredients, Moms Chai Masala is greatness waiting to be discovered. The ingredients used to make it are cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and fennel seeds, No additives or preservatives. 


 Added Health Benefits


Moms chai masala has added health benefits like boosting your immune system, detoxifying the body, and improving digestion.


Order our chai masala and get up to 50 servings of flavored and aromatic teacups. There is no better way to start your day

Authentic Indian Chai Masala

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Moms Chai Masala
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  • • 50 Servings per bag

    • 100% Natural Ingredients 

    • Aromatic Flavor for tea

    • Reduces blood sugar levels

    • Aids digestion

    • Helps weight management

    • Relieves inflammation 

    • Helps aches and pains

    • Supports Immune System

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