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Tea for Digestion: How Drinking Tea Can Help Your Digestion

From the afternoon rituals of Britain to the houses of ancient China, tea has long been known as a natural digestion aid. It can settle the stomach after rich or heavy meals and aid in the digestion of many foods. 

How does tea actually do this? What is the best tea for digestion? We provide a quick and concise guide to how tea can aid in your digestion.

How Does It Help?

Tea supports digestion in a number of ways. It is also suggested that it has anti-inflammatory and fat burning qualities. The ways it can assist are;


Tea is mainly water, which keeps the body hydrated. Bodies that do not have the correct amount of fluid in them will often suffer from constipation. Having more water in the body bulks up those poops, softening them and making them easier to release first thing in the morning! 


Teas are full of antioxidants, and depending on the type of tea, can have a variety of effects. Ginger tea, for example, helps settle the stomach during times of sickness (it is great for hangovers). Green tea is good for cleaning the urinary tract.

Anti Inflammatory Qualities

Research has shown that certain types of tea, particularly green tea, can assist in inflammations in the digestive tract. Polyphenols found in the green tea leaf disrupted signals to Colitis inflammations, reducing pain and discomfort from the condition. 

Assists in Lowering Obesity

Further research points to evidence that tea can help weight loss. Studies on rats found that subjects that had a diet higher in tea excreted more calories, losing weight and fat deposits in their stomach. Tests have yet to be done on human subjects. 

A test in the United Kingdom showed that green tea increased fat oxidation within the body. This meant that people consuming more tea turned more fat stores into energy, thus depleting the body's fat levels quicker. 

Tea for Digestion

A number of teas have different properties. The most useful teas for digestion are below;

Chai Tea

Chai tea refers not to a particular leaf or a variety of tea, but how a special blend is prepared.

Chai tea predominantly combines black tea with a little milk and sugar or honey. The mix of tea you take will determine the effect it has, with some blends set up specifically for aiding in digestion. 

The benefits of chai tea for digestion are that it is a huge source of antioxidants and can help lower cholesterol. Combined with milk and honey, the blend can reset bacteria in the gut, adding balance to anyone who may be having difficulty with nasty stomach infections.

Green Tea

Green tea extracts are commonly used in many health and vitamin supplements. You will also see them in many products that enhance energy and vitality. Green tea does contain caffeine, so anyone sensitive should try another type of tea.

Green tea is a natural digestion aid as it has properties that break down fat in the body. This can be particularly helpful for anyone who suffers after eating fat-rich meals.


What Tea Should I Take?

Now you have seen the benefits of tea for digestion, you should begin by trying some out. Moms Chai has a blend specifically designed to aid digestion which is a great starting point. Have a look at our tasty blends and repair your digestion today!



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