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What is LDL Cholesterol and How Can Drinking Chai Tea Help It?

Cholesterol is a bit of a mystery to many of us.

We may know it’s linked to heart issues, but high cholesterol has no symptoms, and it’s impossible for us to track our own levels without a blood test.

You may know that your body produces some cholesterol naturally, but you’ll also know that some of it enters your body through food—and it comes in varied names, like “good” HDL and the notorious “bad” LDL cholesterol.

But if you’re wondering how to lower your LDL cholesterol (and what it is in the first place), the answer is sweeter than you’d think!

What Is LDL Cholesterol?

Cholesterol has gotten a bad rap in recent years, leaving people confused about whether to eat wholesome foods like animal products and even eggs. However, cholesterol isn’t all bad. Your body actually needs it to protect your nerves from damage, create healthy cells, and make hormones.

However, low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, can be dangerous in high enough levels.

Often called the “bad” cholesterol, LDL cholesterol can build up in your blood vessels in much the same way plaque builds on teeth. This buildup can make it more difficult for blood to flow throughout your body, even to critical organs like your heart. If your LDL cholesterol levels are too high, it can even lead to severe health issues like heart attacks and stroke.

A health care professional can check to ensure that your blood is within a healthy LDL cholesterol range. If you’re worried about managing your LDL levels, the American Heart Association recommends lifestyle changes like a heart-healthy diet and increased physical activity. Another easy method? Drinking some refreshing Masala Chai!

How Can Drinking Chai Help?

It's all about the cinnamon!

Authentic Masala Chai tea is born from some common ingredients you likely have sitting in your pantry, including the sweet flavor of cinnamon. Luckily, in addition to contributing to a delicious masala blend, this spice can help lower your cholesterol as well!

Research has linked cinnamon with a reduced risk of heart disease in general. One study found that cinnamon can reduce the “bad” LDL cholesterol without decreasing the level of “good” HDL cholesterol—and another study found that these effects can happen with just 120 mg of cinnamon per day.

We’ve talked in the past about some of the health benefits of this powerful spice, but lower cholesterol is another great addition to sweeten the pot!

Spice Up Your Health With Chai

While drinking Indian Chai tea alone won’t dramatically lower your LDL cholesterol levels, making it an easy (and delicious) part of your healthy lifestyle has some definite perks. Spice up your tea with healthy and wholesome snacks and pair it with a little yoga, and you’re on your way to lower cholesterol already. Grab a cup of Masala Chai and get ready for tea time!



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