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5 Health Benefits of Clove Spice You Never Knew About

Clove spice is sweet with a hint of a kick that makes it a delicious addition to many foods and beverages. There's a little bit more to this spice than this, however. It also has a large number of health benefits.

It’s just what the doctor ordered if you’ve got diabetes, suffer from frequent headaches, have an upset stomach, and more. It’s also full of vitamins and minerals your body needs such as manganese and vitamin C.

Still, wondering why you should add this helpful spice to your shopping cart? Keep reading to see the full list of ways it can help you.  

1. Assists With Diabetes 

Cloves have a compound in them called nigericin. Nigericin is known to benefit the cells in your body that are responsible for producing insulin. This helpful compound also gives a boost to your insulin secretion. 

Long story short, eating dishes that contain cloves can help your body keep your blood sugar levels regular. 

2. Good for Your Digestive Health 

Stomach ulcers aren't fun to deal with. The good news is that cloves can help your body get rid of them. They contain certain compounds that work to increase the durability of your stomach lining which will fight against peptic ulcers. 

Cloves are also chocked full of fiber which can help settle your stomach and keep constipation at bay.  

3. Ease Headaches 

If you're suffering from a migraine, instead of reaching for the Ibuprophin grab a napkin full of cloves instead. They have cooling properties that will ease your troubled head. 

You don't even have to eat the cloves to reap this benefit. All you have to do is take a big whiff of them.  

4. Great for Your Skin 

If you suffer from acne and other skin conditions look for skincare products that contain clove oil. Cloves have natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that make them work as an effective anti-inflammatory. 

Being an anti-inflammatory makes clove oil a good solution for many skin problems. Not just acne.  

5. Fights Tooth Ache

Cloves contain something known as eugenol. Eugenol has the ability to get rid of annoying toothaches and keep the pain away. 

To take advantage of this, grab a few cloves and pop them in your mouth. Moisten the cloves with your saliva for a few seconds. This will soften them up enough for you to be able to crunch them with your teeth. 

One clove will last for up to 30 minutes. After that, you'll need to spit it out and trade it up for a new one. 

The Surprising Benefits of Clove Spice 

There are many reasons why you should put clove spice in your shopping cart. It can help against common health issues such as headaches and constipation. There's no reason not to pick some up. 

If you're having issues with waking up in the mornings, Indian spices such as cloves may be able to do the trick. Check out our Authentic Indian Masala and start your mornings right. 



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