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6 Detoxifying Benefits of the Cinnamon Spice in Your Chai Tea

Cinnamon spice is known for being tasty, but it's also effective in helping people improve their health.

Did you know that cinnamon is more than a spice that you can top your drink with? There are a lot of benefits that people don't know about.

To see what health benefits cinnamon spice has, keep reading below and learn why you should use it every day.

1. Treat Fungal Infections

If you find that you have a fungal infection on your skin, your cinnamon spice may help to fight against it. If you use cinnamon oil to treat your fungal infections, it may help greatly.

Cinnamon is effective in fighting a type of Candida that can affect the bloodstream thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

2. Influence Blood Sugar Levels

One of the best health benefits of cinnamon is that it can help to influence the blood sugar levels in your body. The type of cinnamon that has been shown to help is the cassia cinnamon.

It's also been noted that if those with type 2 diabetes eat at least 6 grams of cinnamon a day, they will lower glucose levels and their overall cholesterol. So, go ahead and enjoy your (sugar-free) chai teas every day to help your body become healthier.

3. Aids HIV Treatments

A study was released in 2000 that stated the spice can be used to help against HIV. Cinnamon bark, cinnamon shoot, and fruit were successful in reducing HIV cell activity.

Now, this doesn't mean that cinnamon will prevent HIV, but it is useful as a natural treatment in HIV therapy.

4. Body's Response to High-Fat Meals

If you have a diet rich in antioxidant spices (so all those chai teas aren't for nothing!), it may help with your body's response to high-fat meals.

The body may have a negative response to meals that are high in fat, but when you combat that with your antioxidant spices insulin and triglycerides will fall and antioxidant activity will rise.

5. Treat Chronic Wounds

Studies that were conducted back in 2015 found that cinnamon can help to actively promote healing. When this spice is packed into a compact capsule that a patient can take orally, it can help to kill bacterial biofilms and heal. They also found that peppermint can be more effective when mixed with cinnamon.

For an at-home remedy, try brewing some mint tea and adding cinnamon as a mix in. Add some honey to sweeten it and enjoy a tonic that can help your wounds heal.

6. Reduce Your Cardiovascular Risk]

There are many compounds in cinnamon that can help to benefit your cardiovascular system.

An example is Cinnemaldehyde that can help to lower blood pressure. Of course, this study was done on animals and showed that rats treated with cinnamon and that participated in daily aerobics had lower blood pressure than those who didn't partake.

The Many Benefits of Cinnamon Spice

Cinnamon spice is known to be effective in helping people improve their overall health. We have told you about 6 health benefits cinnamon has, from helping wounds heal faster to reducing cardiovascular risks.

Now you don't have to feel guilty about drinking coffee drinks with cinnamon spice because you'll be helping your health! For more tips and information on chai, please check out our article on the health benefits of masala chai tea.


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