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How to Use Cardamom to Improve Your Health

For centuries, cardamom seeds have been a secret spice used in delicious recipes and traditional medicines. While it's common in South Asia and the Middle Eastern, it's gaining more popularity in the West. Why?

Because the simple seasoning contains a butt-load of impressive medicinal properties. Is it a super-food? You can decide as you read just a handful of the benefits.

Are you ready? Let's find out how to use cardamom to improve your health today!

How to Use Cardamom for a Healthier You

The cardamom taste has a distinctive flavor that many compare to mint. Whether you add it to a simmering pot of curry or you drink it in a scrumptious chai tea, research tells us there are many promising health benefits.

What are their findings?

Say Hello to Heart Health

Studies show that because of its antioxidant and diuretic properties, cardamom seeds may help to lower blood pressure. This improved heart health may protect against heart attacks and improve heart function. Other studies found that cardamom oil may help to improve cholesterol levels.

While research is ongoing, the results look promising!

Protect Yourself from Diseases and Infections

When your body's exposed to foreign substances, acute inflammation may occur. This can sometimes lead to chronic diseases. Cardamom pods are rich in compounds that protect cells from damage and slow down or stop inflammation in the body.

Essential oils and extracts from cardamom seeds also have antibacterial properties. This can help to treat infections such as food poisoning and fungal viruses.

Fight Cancer with Cardamom Pods

While fighting cancer often takes more than a healthy diet. Studies show the compounds in cardamom increase enzymes that help to fight cancer.

Research on mice also shows that cardamom can stop the growth of tumors. Whether it works on humans or not is still worthy of debate.

Say Goodbye to Stomach Aches

For thousands of years, cardamom, gingers cousin, has been cleverly used in Ayurvedic medicine to help with digestion. Such as stomach discomfort, vomiting, and nausea. And it works just as well today.

New research also shows that cardamom seeds may heal ulcers.

Smile While You Still Have Teeth

Like mint and cinnamon, for centuries people have used cardamom for oral health. This is because it may help to fight bacteria in the mouth which causes cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

Some even chew cardamom seeds instead of chewing gum for fresher breath!

Other Benefits

On top of all these potential health benefits, there are even more. Cardamon may:

lower blood sugar levels help you to lose weight help to protect the liver assist in preventing anxious behaviors improve breathing and oxygen use

Studies are still in progress, but it's clear to see that cardamom is a spice worth introducing to your diet.

A Cup of Tea Makes Everything Better

Now you know how to use cardamom to improve your health, what's the best way to take in this ancient spice? Why not try a humble cup of authentic Indian Chai Masala? Not only does this lip-smacking delight include cardamom pods, but it's also jam-packed with other healthy spices too.

Click here to find out more about the flavorful blend.



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