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The Fascinating History of Masala Chai You Never Knew

Masala Chai simply means spiced tea! You have already started thinking of that spiced tea you once had and absolutely loved it, right? Masala Chai started from a royal court, as it was used for medicinal purposes.

Masala Chai has grown and flourished over the years and has many different uses universally. Because of its amazing benefits, masala chai has a huge fan base too.

But did you know the tea that you find in your favorite local tea shop has an amazing history that evolved many years ago? Read on to learn the history of Masala Chai now!

The Early History of Masala Chai

Many people say that the history of Masala Chai started in royalty many years ago. There are people that say it started specifically ten thousand years ago, while others say it started five thousand years back.

There are stories that the chai origin is in India, while others object and say it is in Thailand. It is said that a king in India actually used the beverage as a cleanser.

A wide range of spices is used to prepare the Masala Chai to give it a sensational taste. It was either served hot or cold, depending on preference.

The Arrival of Black Tea

In the eighties, plantations were set up in a small town in India. The black tea produced in this place became a popular recipe in Masala Chai and made it to what it is today.

It was often mixed with milk, spices, and other sweeteners. However, it lacked appeal in India as it was mainly used for export purposes. This made it expensive for most locals.

Popularity in India

During the nineties, a Tea Promotion Association started promoting tea consumption in India. Because black tea was not affordable in India, vendors used mild spices, to keep and maintain the flavor as well as reduce the cost.

Masala Chai's popularity grew gradually, and it was essentially used to welcome visitors. In some areas, people drink as many as five cups of tea per day. They accompany it with a snack like a samosa or nashta.

Growth Worldwide

As its popularity grew worldwide, many variations were produced. For example, in India, Chai Tea origin was made in black tea. But in Kashmir, green tea was used.

Some people prefer to take their Chai Tea with whole milk, others without milk, and there are those that prefer soya milk. However, there are more variations; for instance, in some

American tea houses, tea is served with vanilla ice cream to make frozen chai.

Ginger is also used by some people as a spice.

Chai Tea Origins Have Different Stories

As we have seen from the Chai Tea history, your question on the origin of Chai Tea has been answered! You are now aware of the origins of your favorite beverage and how it has evolved over the years.

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